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Prep Ahead Healthy Camping Meals {Fill Your Freezer}

Hamburgers and hot dogs are ok, but that gets old fast.

Here are my favorite prep ahead healthy camping meals that you can fill your freezer with, and then just grab and pack up a cooler on those summer camping trips!

Camping season is officially in full swing… and so are all of the camping foods!!

The problem is, I struggle to stick to my healthy eating goals if I am not prepared.

The smell of melted cheese on giant burgers and loaded hot dogs gets me every.single.time.

I have to admit that so far, during this camping season, it feels as if I prep twice in the week (boo!).Once for the work week, and once for the weekend.

I had to find a way to try to not derail all of my healthy eating success each weekend … and not spend 2 times a week meal prepping.

So, I started my search for freezer friendly meals that would be great to cook while camping.

Prep Ahead Healthy Camping Meal Ideas

Here are some of the things on my camping meal prep plans this summer, that you might want to

prep ahead before you head out on your camping trips: 


My friend Kaidy over at Social Supper  always seems to have foil packs on her rotating menu – so I finally gave them a try and I was honestly shocked at how good the meals come out when it is merely cooked over the fire in tin foil.

These are so simple to put together – wrap (usually) raw ingredients in foil.. and done.

I like to prep a few different recipes, freeze them, and just grab a few and load up the cooler. 

I always put them in a zip bag or container before they go in the cooler. These are known to leak. 

I have also been known to prep them in foil pans (see photo above) to prevent all the leaking issues.

Chili Lime chicken Foil packs

I am all about LESS dishes when camping!

These are also great options even if you don’t camp. They are great to throw on the backyard grill right after work – especially on those hot days you don’t want to cook!

This summer, I am sampling my way through ALL of these bad boys:

The next easiest way to prep is to make skewers! 

You can also prep all of the ingredients in a container and then just put them on the skewer when you are at the campsite! Easy Peasy!


Last but not least, you can’t forget Breakfasts!

There is nothing better than simply putting one of these recipes on the grill to reheat while you sip your coffee. 

Double points, almost no dishes used with these ideas! 


I am well on my way to trying my way through all of these recipesand am actually looking forward dinners this summer – both at home and at our campsite!

As I make my way through these recipes this summer, I am posting my reviews on my Instagram, so come follow along and see how these all turn out!

Looking for more tips on how to meal plan and prep for camping this summer?! I have you covered with tips, ticks, how to’s and a FREE printable planner! 

So, there you have it, some lean protein based, prep ahead, freezer friendly, super portable, camping meals!

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  1. Hi! I love this collection and can’t wait to try some of the recipes. Question- did you cook the meals right in the foil pans?

    I’m thinking that would be so awesome to stock my rv freezer and just pull a full meal out each day and throw the entire thing right on the grill.

    1. When I’ve done this using the tin foil wrap packs – we just place them right on the grill over the fire pit, or even on the hot coals!
      Works great!

  2. Great list! I appreciate this post so much. Question: How do you keep the meals frozen until you’re ready to cook? Big cooler like a Yeti? We camp for longer than a weekend so I’m trying to figure out how to keep things frozen. We have a freezer but it won’t fit more than a few meals. Thanks!

    1. There are some great tricks in packing your cooler to keep things cold for 7-10 days

      1. Start with a good cooler -preferably a rotomould cooler, if able. They boast 8-10 days refrigeration.

      2. Use saltwater ice blocks (empty juice bottle, table salt 1/4c/1.8L) to line the bottom of your cooler. Takes longer to melt and keeps things colder than just water ice block.

      3. Put a foam pad or mat on top to further lock in cold.

      4. Put a silver reflector (the ones for car windshields) to cover your cooler (keep it out of direct sunlight).

      5.Google and Pinterest have great suggestions!

  3. Are you freezing the step before the grill/oven process. Then cook when pulled from freezer?

    1. I will freeze them if I make them more than a day in advance. I try and thaw them completely before cooking. Cooking from frozen takes a really long time, and things don’t cook evenly.

  4. cooking novice, going camping solo.. question.. do you cook these meals then freeze them to take with and just heat over fire… or prep and freeze raw and actually cook over fire?

  5. I love love love this idea using the foil pans and grilling them after work. Two questions:
    Which recipes were the most successful from your post above? Any keepers?
    Did you freeze any of them before cooking?

    1. Honestly, I have tried them all. They are all keepers. What I have learned is to opt for the wider, more shallow pans so allow a more even cook. I freeze all of them!

  6. Thank you for this!! I barely knew you could freeze foil packs, but doing them in the pans is a game changer. I used the link to the salmon one already and love it! Plus come summer when it’s too hot to cook inside we could always just BBQ these.

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