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Meal Plan Addict is about more than planning meals and food blogging. It’s about providing value to individuals who want organized meals that are easy to make, filling, and super tasty. This is what my goal is with every post I do – to make meal planning easy for busy people.

I take the trust of my readers very seriously, even though the kitchen isn’t a place to be too serious.

They know that if I am adding a product into my family’s life, then it’s something that has been tried with success. When readers trust your brand, they want to use it again! This is key to working together: keeping the trust already earned from Meal Plan Addict’s followers.

Why work with Steph

You’ll connect with the people who are looking for your products and teach them how to interact with your brand and products.

Interacting with Instant Pots

Through how to’s, tips and tricks, and recipes, your brand will connect with your ideal customer, encouraging them to interact with you.

Working together, you’ll discover:

  • How to build an online presence so your brand gets in front of the right people,
  • Ways to enhance your brand and products, both on and offline,
  • New ways to diversify your product income and revenue stream, and
  • What your goals are in connecting with my audience.

How to work with together

Brainstorming a number of collaboration ideas, we’ll create the perfect relationship for sharing your brand to grow your client base.

Potential ideas include (but are not limited to):

  • Demo-Style Instructional Classes: We’ll create a step-by-step post or video that demonstrates how to confidently work with your product. It’s as simple as giving them the know-how.


  • Product Reviews: Product reviews are so important for building trust and improving your own online traffic. I will always share my honest feedback on your product, highlighting the pros and cons (if any, of course) with my readers.


  • Recipe Development: Let’s look at your products in a new light and create super fun, tasty, and memorable recipes that people can make again and again and again.


  • Advertisements: Have a unique product that’s relevant to my audience? Then let’s chat about potential advertising opportunities to place your product in front of curious and engaged readers.


  • Sponsored Posts: Showcase your product in a unique, fun and creative way. This type of post highlights your product in an engaging manner, helping readers better connect with your product and brand.

Options for all of the above include:

  • Stunning product photography,
  • Detailed how-tos and tutorials posts,
  • Promotion across various social media channels,
  • Data analytics support for sponsored posts, or
  • Any other personalized ideas to further enhance your brand connections.

Working together is as custom as the tastebuds of my family – unique to you.

Inquire about specific packages and pricing options on how we can work together and share your brand!

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What it’s like to work with Steph

Steph is a dream to work with – there’s a reason I call her Souper Cubes’ fairy blog mother. Without a doubt, she introduced our product to the Canadian market. Her posts were so successful we now have a team member who is dedicated to figuring out how to sell our product to Canada directly. As if her sheer brilliance wasn’t enough, she is such a treat to work with. I compare any and every partnership we consider to her work ethic, integrity, and quality. There is no better food blogger to partner with. – Michelle, Founder, Souper Cubes


Steph of Meal Plan Addict was a pleasure to work with. Her collaborative, creative approach led to a content piece that aligned well with our client’s existing campaign and brand. Steph is communicative and open, sharing ideas and feedback that strengthened the work we did together. I look forward to working with her again in the future. – Stephanie Ostermann, Director of Content, Simply WS


Steph did an amazing job channeling the existing look and feel of my brand and my social media into both the recipes she created as well as the photos she took. She was a dream to work with and she couldn’t be more efficient. – Whitney, CEO, Borderland Food Company


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