Easy Plant Based Instant Pot Recipes (+ all the reasons to add one to your Plant Based Kitchen!)

These easy plant based Instant Pot recipes are perfect for vegetarians (some are vegan), or just about anyone! Learn how to make veggie dishes with your Instant Pot.

easy plant based instant pot recipes


Instant Pots have been a wild success with so many people adding them to their kitchens.

But are Instant Pots for the plan based kitchen too? 

Instant Pots are programmable pressure cookers, and pressure cookers are best known to tenderize tough cuts of meat, so why would those following a vegetarian or vegan way of eating want to add one to their plant based kitchens? 

Here you are going to see why having and Instant Pot in your plant based kitchen is going to make your meal prep easier.

You are also going to get a ton of recipe and how to information to cook your favorite plant based ingredients in a whole new way! 

Bookmark this page now, you will want to come back for inspiration time and time again!

Let’s go!

Why use an Instant Pot for Vegan or Vegetarian meals?

Instant Pot Whole Cauliflower

  • Hands off prep – no boiling over as you prep multiple grains or veggies at the same time. 
  • Decreased cook time (for some things) – dried beans! 
  • Cost savings to batch prep dairy free yogurt!
  • Saute feature. You can use the saute feature with oil to cook onions and garlic, or if you are oil free, you can add a bit of water, too. 
  • One pot pasta dishes – sauce and pasta – all in one pot.

Things like 1 minute quinoa can’t be real?

Image Credit: ProjectMealPlan.com


1 minute quinoa is real… and it isn’t.

In recipes you will see the pressure time (1 minute for quinoa), but you also need to factor in the time to come to pressure, and the depressurizing time as well.

In some cases (like quinoa) this can be a 10 minute “natural pressure release”  which just means the post stops actively heating and the pressure just naturally decreases. This is still active cook time.

Even when it isn’t a total time saver, since getting my Instant Pot, I haven’t had a pot of quinoa boil over – which is a huge win when prepping multiple meal components at one time! 

How to make Instant Pot Quinoa is here on Project Meal Plan. 

No soak beans… for days! 

instant-pot-chickpeas-sweet peas and saffron
Photo Credit : Sweet Peas & Saffron

With your Instant Pot, you no longer have to soak those dried beans. They can go right into the pot, and are ready in a fraction of the time. 

How to make No Soak Instant Pot Chickpeas is here on Sweet Peas & Saffron

So now that you have loaded up a 6 quart Instant Pot (affiliate link) into your Amazon cart, which plant based Instant Pot recipes are you going to try?

Here are my suggestions, divided by category!

Plant Based Instant Pot Breakfasts

Plant Based Instant Pot Pasta Dishes – Pasta and sauce – all in one pot!

Plant Based Soups that ANYONE will love!

Cost Effective Dairy Free Yogurts!

Plant Based Instant Pot Basic Ingredient How To’s

The best one pot plant based Instant Pot meals to make this week!

So, there you have it. All the reasons (and recipes) to add an Instant Pot to your plant based kitchen!

Did I miss anything? What has been your favorite plant based Instant Pot creation? 

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