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What Can I Make In My Air Fryer

 Air fryers aren’t just for wings and french fries, check out these delicious recipes taking you from breakfast thru to dessert. 

what can I make in my air fryer

Air fryer sales have skyrocketed in the last few years and 10 million kitchens have acquired an air fryer in the last 2 years (as per NPD Group). 

If you have one, and are looking for some inspiration for what to use it, this post is for you. 

If you are on the fence and not sure it is worth the kitchen space, this post is for you! 

Pros and Cons of an air fryer

In the pro column for the air fryer is that you can get crispy foods without the use of high quantities of oil, instead using only a spritz.

Your food is ready quicker given the small space and high powered fan to circulate the air. 

In the con column is always size.

It is going to take up some kitchen counter real estate and might not be the best option if you have very limited kitchen space.

Also on the topic of size, this is not a great appliance if you cook for a large family (more than 4 people). You are quite restricted in the amount of food you can cook at once within an air fryer. You can’t typically stack or layer foods. 

All in all, I am a fan of the Air Fryer and the fandom that has followed.  You can read all about that in this post on the blog –> Why I bought an Air Fryer and LOVE it

A few tips for cooking in your air fryer

  • To allow for even cooking be careful not to crowd the basket. Overcrowding the basket extends the cook time required. 
  • When cooking in batches, the second batch will cook a bit quicker given the appliance is already hot!
  • Shake veggies at least half way through cook time to prevent burning and check on “doneness”.
  • Cook fish on a bit of a lower temperature heat then suggested to prevent the outside from drying out. 
  • For crispy skin place skin side up. Air fryers heat from the top.

The best Air Fryer recipes from Breakfast to Dessert! 

Of course you can use your air fryer for chicken wings and fries, but you will be shocked at how versatile this kitchen appliance can be!

Here is how to get the most out of your air fryer for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts!

Breakfast Ideas

Lunches Inspo

Snacks and Sides

Crispy Dinner Inspiration

Air fryers are even great for vegetarian options

Dessert Ideas

There you have it! So many ways to use your air fryer for more than chicken wings and fries!

I would love to see all the things you use your air fryer for! Tag me  @MEALPLANADDICT ON INSTAGRAM or post a picture in the  MEAL PLAN ADDICT COMMUNITY.



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