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How To Freeze Mason Jar Soups

Freezing soup in single serve mason jars is an easy way to fill your freezer with grab and go meals. Here is how to freeze mason jar soups to avoid broken jars, and hearts! 

How To Freeze Mason Jar Soups


After being asked how I do this, it is finally time for me to show you How To Freeze Mason Jar Soups!

Freezing single serve soups has been a meal prep game changer for me.

How to freeze mason jar soups-5

First, I don’t typically like eating the same soup for 5 days, so this allows me to have variety by making a few soups on one day and then having a few options for lunch.

I was freezing soup in plastic “jars” but they were always staining and never seemed to come clean.

So, I have now gone 100% glass for my freezer soups.

This size of jar is completely dependent on what you want to do for servings size, but this is my go to jar. 

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So, here is my method for How to Freeze Mason Jar Soups:

1| Choose Freezer Friendly Soups

Not all soups should be frozen. Here is my no go list for choosing soups to freeze.

  • Not heavy based cream soups.
  • No potato
  • No rice
  • No pasta

All of the starches will absorb the liquid and bloat into a not so nice texture. If a soup has a starch and I plan to freeze it, I will keep the starch out, and add it at time of eating.

Here are the soups on my blog – all of which I freeze.

2 | Use a Canning Funnel

How to freeze mason jar soups-2

Gone are the days of pouring soup all over. This funnel is one of the best tools I have for all of my mason jar soup adventures. I get mine on amazon (affiliate link).

3| Leave Head space for Expansion.

When liquids freeze, the expand. When you fill your jars, leave at least 1 inch of head space so the soup can expand. If you don’t, the jar will fracture and you will have a broken jar, and probably a broken heart!

How to freeze mason jar soups

4| Allow the soup to fully cool

This is essential. Don’t skip this. 

When hot soup goes into a jar in a cold freezer you are at high risk of glass fracture. ALWAYS allow the soup to cool. I like to keep mine in the fridge at least a few hours before putting into the freezer.

5| Always Label

How to freeze mason jar soups-3

There is nothing I am more certain about in life than  the fact that you will not remember or recognize what is what in the jars.

Also, regular masking tape WILL FALL OFF, so I use this freezer specific tape. 

I have also heard that you can use a sharpie on the lid and use rubbing alcohol to remove it!

6| Always allow it to thaw


Do not put a frozen jar into the microwave.

It will crack.  Always thaw your soup (in the fridge) before you go to warm it up.

I personally transfer to a bowl and then re-heat.

So, there you have it, my method for how to freeze mason jar soups! No breaking, no broken hearts, just simple grab and go lunches … for days!

If I missed any key tips, let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hey this is my 1st time freezing soup in a Mason jar my mom told me that it might crack but my husband told me that it would be alright

  2. I have always frozen in canning jars. I have always defrosted in the microwave before heating to serving temps. I have also always used canning jars for pressure canning, dry storage, refrigerator storage as well as drinks glasses. I have hauled glass canning jars, both full and empty, thousands of miles in RVs. The only jars I have lost have been due to dropping the jars on concrete patios. Canning jars are generally pretty tough unless they are badly scratched.

  3. Thank you for all this info on freezing soups in sealer jars. I use medical white adhesive tape(Nexcare) to label my jars. It never falls off and it is easy to remove!

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