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5 Easy tips to get you a meal prep fridge!

5 easy tips to get you a meal prep fridge

Every Sunday, when I post my “Sunday Fridge” on Instagram,  I get so many questions about how I get my fridge ready on Sunday – and make my fridge organized.

So, here are 5 things I do each week to get my “Sunday Fridge Pic”… to organize my week.

Make a plan, and buy ONLY what is needed.

The first step to an organized fridge is not buying unnecessary items to clutter things up, that ultimately end up in compost or garbage. This is the number one strategy I use to keep things uncluttered and crazy.

I have a free template that I use each week that you can get here.

Use Clear Containers

This actually makes a huge difference. When you can see what you have, you are more likely to use it up.

Also, don’t those fruits and veggies look more enticing when they are already cut up, washed and staring you in the face.

If you have small humans around, they can see and grab and go some snacks easier. #momwin.

Here is where you can find all of the containers I use.

5 ways to simplify weekly meal prep to one hour

Clean out your fridge every week.

On Sunday, I take inventory on what is left. I freeze what I can (ex. Fruit gets frozen for smoothies), or I cook meat that can’t be refrozen and create lunch bowls for the freezer. Once food is cooked, it can be re frozen.

I also wipe everything out. Each week is a clean slate! So, I don’t have surprise things (and smells) popping up months later!

Don’t let your kids touch it. Kidding… sort of.

A way around having kids rummage around aimlessly is to create a spot to put the kids snacks, on a lower level so they can reach their own snacks, and not trash the fridge!

I am loving my new fridge because there is a dedicated drawer that is now the official snack drawer, so my daughter doesn’t even need to go into the main fridge. But, you can also create your own, using dollar store bins!

5 easy tips to get you a meal prep fridge

Create prep time in your schedule.

You don’t need to spend a wholeday prepping, but you do need to create the time to wash, chop and prep if this is a habit and fridge you want.

You don’t need to prep your whole week either. Sometimes I will prep for three days, then do a mini prep session on Wednesday evening, if I am running short on time on Sundays.

I have a few tips here on how to prep your fridge in less than an hour.

So, there you have it… a few of my expert tips to get you on your way to your very own meal prep fridge!

5 easy tips to get you a meal prep fridge.png

For even more inspiration, head over to our Confessions of a Meal Plan Addict Community, or follow along on Instagram!

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  1. Your fridge is spotless! Do you have condiments in your fridge? Or kids random stuff like a half finished sandwich?

    1. It is spotless on Sunday when I do prep… it is basically downhill from there – ha ha. I have condiments and a kid! Condiments in the door, and the kid messes up the pantry where the crackers are.. not so interested where the carrots are ha ha.

  2. How do you keep things like raspberries from going soggy? Or cut up cucumber and not have them go all yucky? I can’t seem to win with those softer fruits and veggies with prep

    1. Berries, I do a vinegar wash, and the cucumbers I get as dry as possible before storing.

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