How to Freeze Bananas

No need to make banana bread after your bananas go over ripe! Today, I show you how to freeze bananas! 

How to freeze bananas


We have all been there. Staring at a bunch of brown bananas thinking, ughhhh I just don’t want to make banana bread. 

Not only am I not making banana bread all the time, I am buying extra bananas to get them to go a bit over ripe specifically to freeze! 

There are lots of ways to use frozen bananas and I am loving them all. 

How to freeze bananas_in a bag

Freezing bananas is really quite simple. Let me show you how to freeze bananas and give you some ideas of what to do with them! 

STEP 1 |  let bananas go over ripe. 

Over ripe bananas are sweeter and in my opinion so much better for recipes. 

How to Freeze Bananas over ripe bananas

STEP 2|  peel the bananas

I have had some recent conversations n the proper way to peel a banana and apparently my method is strange.

Who knew? I pinch the bottom and pull. PS. this is how monkeys do it! Evolution for the win. 

How to Freeze Bananas peeling

STEP 3|  slice bananas into chunks

How to Freeze Bananas- bites

The size of banana chunks isn’t super critical. I have a Vitamix blender so it can handle big chunks, if you have a less powerful blender, and plan on using the frozen banana in smoothies, you may want to make your chunks smaller. 

STEP 4|  place on a parchment lined cookie sheet

To easily remove the frozen bananas from the sheet pan, you are going to want to line it with parchment. 

I have been using this brand of reusable parchment paper and love it! It is what you see here in the photos. 

How to Freeze Bananas on sheet pan

STEP 5|  freeze for a minimum of 2 hours & transfer to space saving container

Using this method, the bananas wont all freeze in a big blob. Will they be perfectly un stuck. Not completely, no. 

Honestly, I just drop it on the floor and a few chucks easily come loose. 

I then store in a freezer safe container. 

How to freeze bananas_in a bag

Now that you have frozen bananas, now what? 

I use frozen bananas in almost all of my smoothies! The frozen banana adds a creamy texture that I now can’t live without! 

Here are my top 4 smoothies that I use my bananas for, and you should too!

Best Smoothies for Frozen Bananas

Tell me… how else do you use frozen bananas?

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    1. It depends on how much air you get out. Less air = less freezer burn = lasts longer. I keep them up to 6 months.

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