The Best Organization Tips for Small Freezers

 Small freezer organization can happen! You don’t need to have a large upright freezer to have a calm and easily accessible freezer. You can easily organize your small kitchen freezer with these four tips!

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Say goodbye to crushed boxes that you have to smash to shut the freezer door. 

Say goodbye to digging though to the bottom of your freezer (under your fridge). 

I mostly talk about how to organize my secondary upright freezer and my secondary chest freezer, lets chat about the freezers attached to our fridges in the kitchen! 

If you have a secondary freezer for bulk buying and bulk freezer meals, I suggest that you keep your kitchen freezer for what you access the most and don’t want to go out to the garage, or down to the basement for everyday.

For me, this means mostly breakfast items and frozen veggies are stored here, and the larger items go into the secondary freezer.

But, have no fear, if you don’t have a secondary freezer, we can get your fridge freezer organized too! 

Create Zones

smoothie and fruit zone in freezer


Just like in my other freezers, I create zones. But, in my small kitchen freezer the zones are much smaller. 

You can use containers, or even just cut out the flaps off cardboard boxes and section off your zones. 

the white containers you see here are the IKEA VARIERA Box. 

If you have a bit more room, you can also use i design bins like I have for my frozen veggie zone. 

frozen veggie zone in small freezer

Ditch boxes 

Boxes are a huge space disaster.

When possible transfer your frozen food contents into a bag. I am a huge fan of Stasher bags, but I can appreciate they are an investment and I have collected mine over years. Use zip top bags if you have to, but make sure you purchase freezer specific ones.

boxed waffles in bags

You can find all of my freezer organization bins and bags here in my shop – in the Fridge, Freezer & Pantry Organization area.  I have both Canadian and USA links there for you!

Consume, Cut, Clip your bags! 

For your purchased frozen fruits and veggies (and French fries!), it doesn’t always make sense to transfer them to reusable bags, but then make sure you grab some bag clips (mine are from IKEA). 

Once you cut the bags and start using up the contents, half your freezer is empty bag. Clip as close to the contents and cut off the excess bag. This will save you space AND prevent spillage. Nobody wants to clean out one million tiny frozen peas from the bottom of a freezer.

consume and cut bags in freezer

Store things upright (vs piled all in on top of each other), if you can.

I know this isn’t always feasible – especially when your freezer is above your fridge, but for the pull out under the fridge freezers, this will make your organized freezer life so much better. 

I am a huge fan of the stand up stasher bags, but they do take up more width, so if you are strapped for space, use the bags that lay flat instead. 

This way you can set up your contents more like a filing cabinet …. and less like a pile it all in dumpster! 

file-folder-bags in organized small freezer

I have a bottom freezer but it has 2 drawers in the freezer. This is a great feature to look for if you are in the market for a new fridge and freezer. This way I can still have everything upright, but not stacked on top of each other. 


For more tips to get your kitchen organized, check you this

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