I bought an Instant Vortex Plus, and here is what I think! {Product Review}

The makers of the ever-popular Instant Pot have come out with their version of an Air Fryer. I bought it, and here is my Instant Vortex Plus air fryer oven review! 

Instant Vortex Plus Review pin

This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the Instant Pot vortex with my own money, and all of these opinions are my own. 

I am a self-proclaimed kitchen gadget junkie. But, only if it makes my life easier in some way. 

Kitchen storage real estate is precious (and filled with meal prep containers), so I do need to be a bit selective in what I bring in the kitchen. But, I really wanted to try the Instant Vortex Plus

First of all, let’s just chat real quick about what the Instant Vortex Plus is and what it can do. 

This is not a pressure cooker.

It is made by the makers of the Instant Pot (an electric pressure cooker), but it is not a pressure cooker. 

This is primarily an Air Fryer. 

What is an Air Fryer?

Air Fryers use hot air convection to cook food. Not cooking oil submersion. Air Fryer is a bit of a misnomer.

These units are basically small convection ovens, using super heated circulating air, and there is actually no frying or deep frying at all.

But, your food comes out crispy, like it was fried. 

This air fryer oven model has some additional smart program functions: dehydrator, food reheat, bake, roast, broil, and rotisserie. 

I have written about why I love Air Fryers in general, you can find the “Why I bought an Air Fryer and Love it” Post here. 

So, here is what I think about the Instant Vortex. 

I use the good ‘ol grade school A- F grading system for my review. A being awesome, F being fail. 


Ok, let’s get the bad grade out of the way early. I give this category a BIG FAIL. 

I am Canadian, and at the time of writing this, the Vortex was available only in one store (Walmart), and only in the United States. 

So, to get one, I bought it on vacation in Texas and FLEW with it home (as a checked fragile package in its original packaging).

So, the positive here is that the factory boxing is A+. It got to Canada with me in one piece. 

Dear Instant Brand, you are a Canadian company. Not having this available in Canada is ludicrous. 

Ok, rant over. Moving on. 

EDIT: I am so happy to report that the Instant Vortex air fryer is now in Canada, I have changed the availability score to C from F. I still have it as average because it is not easily found everywhere in Canada and only at a few retailers. 


Instant Pot Vortex Review front of machine

Because I flew with this, I know that in the box, with the packaging, this thing weighs 20 pounds. Once you unbox it, it is a few pounds less at 17 pounds, but she isn’t small or light. 

This is not one of those kitchen appliances you pull in and out of a cupboard. Unlike small appliances, it is one that stays on the countertop.  

The best comparison for size is that it is a taller version of a toaster oven. It measures 13.4 inches long, 13.9 in width, and 14.4 inches in height.

My previous air fryer was a bit of a strange roundish shape, and I find the nice square shape nicer aesthetically, and less awkward to carry, move, and put things beside. 

My biggest complaint about air fryers, in general, is about their cooking capacity.

You typically can’t layer foods and compared to the size of the whole unit, the available cooking surface can be quite small (depending on your model and size). This results in sometimes having to do multiple batches – especially if you have a larger family. 

Air Fryers typically come in 3qt – 6qt sizes. The vortex has 10-quart capacity. This means you can fit more in it – and I am a fan!


The instant vortex comes with accessories – and they are super useful! 

Instant Vortex Plus Review Accessories

Rotisserie Basket – At first, I wasn’t sure what to do with it or if I would use it, but I actually use it a lot. Chicken wings have been amazing with it. I also put anything that won’t fall apart with the tossing into it. Hard veggies have been a hit in it. Oh, and fries and sweet potato fries.

The constant shaking of them, makes them come out perfectly crispy!

At first, though, I thought maybe my Vortex wasn’t working. The basket doesn’t automatically rotate. You have to press the “rotate” button!

Rotisserie Fork – This little gem makes getting the rotisserie basket off the track so easy. At first, I was using oven mitts and swearing at it. Then I realized the fork was for this. whoops. 

Vortex Rotisserie Chicken pulled out of Instant Vortex

Rotisserie Spit – This is so awesome. I have made a rotisserie chicken and rotisserie-style roast beef and loved them both!

Instant Vortex roast set up in on rotisserie after cooking

Cooking trays – two of them!!!! This means you can layer your food and fit more in! YES YES.

This is probably the #1 reason why I like this over my previous basket style air fryer. This has also allowed me to cook two different things at the same time. note: put the meat on the bottom so it doesn’t drip onto your other food. 

Drip Pan – this pan goes on the bottom of the unit and comes in and out so easily and makes clean up a breeze. Love love love that I don’t have to mess around cleaning the bottom of the actual unit. 

There are some reviews that the coating on the accessories is flaked off from the factory. Mine were just fine, so I can’t speak to that.  


Instant Vortex Plus Review Screen

This unit is more than an air fryer and gets major points for being able to function as more than just that. 

You can bake, broil, reheat, and dehydrate food in it. Plus you can use it as a rotisserie. 

Other common air fryer models don’t do most of these. I did use mine to reheat a few things, though. 


Instant Vortex Plus Review rotisserie basket


The accessories are pretty easy to use. Getting the rotisserie basket in the first few times is the hardest part. That red button you see on the left. That releases the rotisserie basket. 

The touch panel interface is also super user friendly. Unlike the Instant Pot, there are no excess buttons that are redundant and not needed. Each button on the screen does something unique and there are not too many of them to be confusing. 

What is cool about this, is that halfway through your cook cycle, it will beep at you and tell you to flip your food. That is a new function I am not used to. Not a necessity, but a nice little extra. 


Instant Vortex Plus Door Off

All of the accessories and the cooking trays are dishwasher safe and the trays take up no more space than a plate!

This is a huge win for me. I hand wash very few things. I won’t buy something if I have to hand wash it (except cast iron!). 

The front door is removable so it is easy to detach and hand wash. The manual however, does not give instructions on how to remove it. Open the door halfway and pull up!

The vortex comes with a removable drip pan on the bottom that is easy to clean. AMEN. This means I am not scrubbing inside the unit. The drip pan is dishwasher safe, too. Another AMEN. 


In comparison to other air fryers on the market, this is in the lower range but does more. So, I give this an A. 

I have seen these priced as low as $60USD at some Walmarts. Regular price at time of writing this is around $110 USD.  I paid $110 USD  for mine not on sale. 


The pans are Teflon coated

Many people don’t like to cook with Teflon coating for various different reasons that I won’t get into here, but this is a drawback for some people. 

The door surface gets hot. Not like a traditional oven where the door face is cool to touch. 

You can’t get this in Canada, and yes, I am extremely irritated by this! 

When you put food on multiple trays at at time, it doesn’t cook evenly, so you must swap the trays halfway through your cooking time. But, this isn’t a deal-breaker at all for me.

Just like the earlier generations of air fryers I don’t think these are great products for large families (5+). You may still have to work in batches. 

It takes up permanent counter space. This isn’t a deal-breaker for me, but if you have limited counter space, this could be a deal breaker for you. 


I like it. I like it a lot, and I think it is 100% worth the price tag (approx $120 USD). 

It heats up faster than my oven. Food finishes air frying in the Vortex Plus before my oven is even done preheating. 

I like that this has replaced my conventional oven – especially in the summer months! 

LOVE the “crisp factor” that you won’t get with a traditional.

I love the stainless steel rotisserie basket more than words can even explain!!!! 

There is a light! Just like your oven. I love that I can see the food without having to open the door!!

Lastly, I haven’t had to adjust any cook times from my regular air fryer recipes found here on the blog! I can now cook larger portions of the recipes at once though!

Here are the Instant Vortex recipes I have done on the blog, too!

Do I think you need to replace your current Air Fryer? No. But, if you are in the market for one, this is a good one to go with – in my opinion!


So, let me know in the comments. Do you have one? Love it? Hate it? 

Do you want one? Tell me how you feel about the Instant Vortex Plus below! 

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  1. So excited! My parents bought me one yesterday (in the US) and brought it back for me. I can’t get it from them until next week. Can’t wait. I’m also in Canada. It’s fun to be among the first to have it!

    1. Thanks for the great review. can you tell me the model number of the unit that you purchased? Have you had any issues with the rotisserie parts melting? Are the parts metal or plastic? I’m going to the states on the weekend and wanting to check out unit that you purchased. Thanks again.

  2. I always wanted an air fryer but never got one. After reading your revue it makes me want the Vortex for sure. Thanks for all your info.

  3. By your comments alone, it seems that you and I would be great friends. With that said, I just gave away my airfryer to a friend and couldn’t live without a new one for more than 48 hours (sigh) so off shopping I went. After visiting 2 stores and not finding a basket type that was as big as the one I had, I headed to Walmart. VoiLa’ On the very top of the shelf was one Instant Vortex Plus and I can not wait to use it because of all of the reasons you listed above! Thanks for the post!

  4. Thanks for the thorough review, along with pros and cons. I am so disappointed that this CDN co. still hasn’t put these on the market in Canada and they have been discounted in the US for weeks at some Walmarts’s and Khol’s. I love my IP and want to stay true to the brand and have been waiting a year for IP to rival the Ninja Foodi. I have reached out to them 4x since knowing of it and asked when it will be here and how much it will cost. They will not disclose this info. I’m sure they know the answers and wonder why they are being so secretive. Last week someone bought the Omni and that really got under CDN’s skin because they are rolling out newer things and leaving us in the dust. I also heard a better Omin is going to be out in Oct. C’MON INSTANT POT!

  5. I am looking to get rid of my microwave. Will this reheat my leftovers/food prepped meals like a microwave?

    1. I happen to be in Peterborough this weekend and I saw one at Walmart for $179. I checked the Instant website as well as Walmart.ca and neither one shows the Vortex in Canada yet! I too complained to Instant about availability in Canada- or lack of! .Argh! I think I might return to town to see if that unit is still at Walmart. I hope you love yours!

  6. Thanks for this review Steph, I had read it earlier and re-read it tonight. I have heard the Vortex Plus is available in various places in ON but haven’t heard of it appearing elsewhere in Canada. The Vortex Plus is retailing in ON at $179.99.

    I had planned on buying either a Vortex Plus or an Omni but won’t be buying either now. When you consider it was originally priced at US$119 when released in the US, that is 50% markup – our currency exchange isn’t that bad. I saw a screenshot of the unit when it is available to Amazon.ca and found another online place selling it. They are going to sell it in the C$235 range. When I saw today that a few places in the US, Florida for example, are selling the Vortex Plus for US$40 – it shows the markup on this unit. With the known issues of the Vortex Plus – rotisserie housing cracking, pans peeling, lights burning out after a few weeks (which requires replacement of the unit I was told and not just replacement of the light), the Vortex Plus just has too many strikes against it which is unfortunate.

  7. I just bought mine at Walmart here in Ontario, Canada. Just letting everyone know the Vortex Plus is available here now. I haven’t used it yet but look forward to using it. Being single I hate heating up the regular oven.

  8. I honestly think this great for a college student and you want to encourage them to cook. The thing I missed the most is having an oven, since it enables you to more healthier versions of the food I love.

  9. I got my Vortex Plus 2 days ago from Walmart for $119. I’m in Kansas. I noticed the oven light was not on but the panel lights are on. We tried it out with reheating pizza and baking breadsticks and it was good except you cannot flip those things so the bottom crusts were not browned. It was still good, but not the same. Today I tried to find the light to see if it was loose. Finally called support & was told it was irreplaceable so I have to send it back (not return it to Walmart), and they will send me free shipping label and then send me a replacement. After hearing about others having light issues, it seems i may be in for more trouble possibilities. But i am anxious to give it another try. I was disappointed there no recipes in the box. I am happy to hear sir fryer recipes in general should work the same. Thanks for your review.

  10. These are now available in Canada! YAY! Even in our small, northern town. We just bought one and gave it its first try out this morning, making air fried potato wedges for breakfast. Big win. Crispy outside and fluffy inside. Tonight…sweet potatoes and stuffed portobello mushrooms. I’m really looking forward to playing with this appliance.

  11. Love the review as I’m a frustrated Canadian looking for one of these.

    Also, a number of spelling errors. Yes, I’m a grammar policeman.

  12. I’ve had my Vortex Plus Air Fryer for about 3 weeks now . I’ve basically stopped using my oven . I give it 5 out of 5 stars . The only drawback I have is you don’ t have cooking instructions and times for the meals . Eg. steaks , chicken legs,breasts , potatoes and other vegetables , basically all types of meals . A cooking guide would be helpful with a few sample recipes. I’ve more or less have to “ wing it “ most times . I eventually learned it takes much less time to cook my meals than my stove or conventional oven . But I highly recommend this product. Easy to use and clean . Never tasted food so good . Being a Canadian product , you should make it more available in Canada. I am tempted to buy another one so I can cook for family gatherings .

      1. THANK YOU !!!!!! Reading that was VERY helpful !!! Really wondering why its not included with the unit 🙁

  13. I am so excited that I FINALLY after weeks of looking, and Walmart.ca going out of stock instantly (as I had the item in my cart only to get told “sold out” upon checkout!) — found it at Best Buy near me and have one reserved. I was beginning to think the only way I’d get one is on wantboard.ca at $235! Very happy I found one listed in stock at my local best buy for $179. Even if it only works for awesome chicken breasts and roast veggies for my hubby and I , I think it ‘ll be worth it as there’s only the 2 of us at home now and sometimes I hate using the large oven for a small dinner. Hope I love it!

  14. I love my Instant Pot and thought this would be a fabulous addition to my kitchen. Unfortunately, as a bird owner, I do not use any small appliance that contains Teflon. I am so disappointed! It sounds wonderful!

  15. Does it work for frozen meat when you forget to thaw something? The insta pot is good for that. I’m trying to decide which one to buy as a gift for someone who forgets to thaw their meat often.

  16. I don’t usually comment but in this case l feel I have to because this issue is driving me crazy. This is supposed to be a review of the Instant Vortex Plus. But it’s not. This is the Instant Vortex Plus OVEN. The Instant Vortex Plus has 6 settings and is an upgraded version of the Instant Vortex Air Fryer that has 4 settings. Both are basket Air fryers, no trays or rotisserie. It seems everyone is getting these appliances confused. When I do a search for Instant Vortex Plus it always gives me reviews on the oven. People who have bought the oven are giving reviews on the regular Air Fryer. Seems Instant Pot needs to advertise better and make the distinction between all the models more clear.

  17. Used mine the first time yesterday and love it! I AirFry chicken thighs with light seasoning and they were delicious! Crispy skin with moist meat.

  18. The width dimension in the article is quoted as “31.1 in width”, I think this is a typo, the manufacturer width dimension is 13.86.

    Initially upon reading that stat I was like “that is HUGE, maybe I need to get the normal Vortex”. Luckily it is only slightly larger than the normal version, so plan to get the plus. Great article, thanks for the review!

  19. 1.what is the largest sized pan that will fit insidr?
    2.what is the largest chicken that can go in the rotisserie?

    Thank you so very much for your thorough review!!!

  20. We got my mom one for Christmas, and she has yet to have made anything in it successfully…. She tried baking brownies last night and followed a blog post directions and ended up with brownies that were not done at all!!! I read through the blog post, and it is specifically for the Vortex, so I don’t understand why it didn’t work. Have you had any issues with the air fry function not preheating correctly?

  21. I received this as a gift this past Christmas. I absolutely love it! I don’t use my oven at all unless we are baking a pizza. I have made cookies in it as well as hamburgers, bacon and sweet potatoes. It’s great for reheating 0izza too better than a tradional air fryer. I use this and my Ninja Foodi and can make up to 3 things at once. The other day, I made fries in the Foodi and hamburgers and bcaon in the Vortex. This is 0ossibly one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! My husband makes an awesome herb chicken so we will be testing out the rotisserie soon. I used the basket for hot dogs as well, it’s like cooking them on a roller grill.

  22. Just bought one on line through Best Buy (Ontario), $175.00 regular price, on sale for $125.00 – good deal and am very happy with it.

  23. I am so late to this party but just didn’t want to justify the counter space – your thorough review helped me decide though! But we had a chance to pick one up for the cost of a small repair so took the plunge. I came back here to get your tips and best recipes (hello roast beef first!) and was reminded that this will be AMAZING for heat-reduction come summer! Thanks for the beginner notes!

  24. I was recently gifted my used IP Vortex AF from a GF who didn’t like it! I love it, so much if I wear it out, I’ll def be replacing it with a new model. I actually found counter space for it! I love the light. & yes, the panel buttons are so easy to use! I have 2 Instant Pots, so I love & know the IP brand well. This bad boy replaces the Mealthy AF lid & an IP basket AF. Happy happy in my kitchen! Looking forward to using the rotisserie & basket!

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