Introducing the 4-Week Fill Your Freezer, Eat Your Freezer Challenge – your ticket to your very own stocked freezer pantry! 🎉

The Plan: you spend 1-4 hours on a prep day (for 4 weeks) whipping up a variety of grab and go freezer breakfasts, individual meal prep lunches, and dinner meals / dinner kits for a family of 4 and then kicking back while the freezer does all the hard work. No more frantic meal prep on busy weekdays. No more staring blankly into the fridge wondering what to cook. With this challenge, you’ll be pulling ready to go meals (and meal kits!) from your freezer stash in no time!

Here’s what you can expect:

🥦14 Easy-to-Follow Recipes: Don’t worry if you’re not a master chef. These recipes were designed to have with simple instructions and minimal ingredients – but also specifically work for freezer meals.

🍲 4 Prep Day Meal Plans: Say goodbye to decision fatigue! We’ll provide you with 3 tried and true freezer meals for each week, for a total of 12 freezer meals to be prepped over 4 weeks.

✏️ 4 Grocery Lists: Each week you’ll get a grocery list for your prep session organized in categories to make doing your online order or in store shop as efficient as possible.

⏱️ Time-Saving Prep Day Checklist: We get it – bulk cooking can be overwhelming and exhausting. That’s why we’ve packed our challenge with prep day checklist and walk you through what to start first and how to multitask to get your prep done as speedy as possible.

👩‍🍳 Expert Guidance: Need a little extra support along the way? I am here to cheer you on every step of the way. Got a burning question about freezing techniques? I’ve got the answers!

But wait, there’s more! 🎁

Sign up now and you’ll also receive:

📚Downloadable PDF Challenge Bundles: To make this as simple as possible, we packaged your recipes, grocery lists, and prep checklist altogether each week to get all the info you need at your fingertips – easily.

🎉 Community Support: Join fellow challengers (and me!) in our private online community, where you can swap recipe ideas, share success stories, and cheer each other on to victory!

💥 Prizes and Giveaways: Who says freezer can’t be fun? Get ready to win some epic prizes in our private online community when you show off your prep!

Don’t let mealtime madness hold you back any longer. Join the 4-Week Fill Your Freezer, Eat Your Freezer Challenge today and build that freezer pantry of your dreams!