Sausage Perogy Foil Packets

butter yellow onion sausage ring of choice  frozen perogies salt and pepper toppings

What You'll Need:

Hot summer night and camping adventures mean less time in the kitchen and more time over the grill and campfire – foil packet meals to the rescue!

Spread Butter + Oninons


Brush butter on foil. Place the sliced onions as the base layer. It is really important that the perogies are not on the base layer.

Place Sausage 


Place the sausage "coins" on top of the onion

Add Perogies


Add the perogies on top of the sausage. Again, you want to do everything you can to avoid having the perogies touch the foil surface.

Fold up Packet + Cook


Fold one side of the foil towards the center, then the bottom, then other side, then top. Add foil pack to BBQ (med/high heat) or onto the hot coals of a fire. The key to not burning your foil packs and not having them stick is to avoid direct flames.



Add toppings of choice and enjoy!

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