12 Ground Beef Dinner Ideas

Ground beef can be used for much more than hamburgers or tacos!

Different Kinds

Regular Ground Beef - The most cost effective Ground Chuck and Ground Round- A bit dry so use with sauces Ground Sirloin (aka lean), and Extra Lean - Great if watching fat intake

Storage Tips

Ground beef has a short shelf life in the fridge - 2 days. Freeze flat in a ziplock bag to save on space!

One Pan Tex Mex Skillet


Using only one pan and topped with cheese with oh so delicious bites of gnocchi, this is your new work week go to quick and easy dinner!

Sweet Potato Nachos


A lighter version of a pan of nachos means all that nacho goodness, and so many more nutrients and veggies! Say hello to healthy sweet potato nachos.

Philly  Cheesesteak 


This ground beef spin on Philly Cheesesteak is a quick and limited ingredient dish that will have you ditching the traditional style Philly Cheesesteak sandwich this week.

Panty Staple Meatball Soup


Pantry staple meatball soup uses up pantry items, and frozen meatballs to make a savory, hearty stovetop soup for dinner, lunches.

Staring at that pound of ground hamburger meat in your fridge or freezer doesn't have to be boring. Use this versatile ingredient for these creative beef dinner recipes!

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