How to Make School Lunch Prep Easy!

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Prepping school lunches for kids doesn't have to be a daily struggle. You can take some time once a week and prepare for the week of kid lunches with these easy steps!

List of Favorite Food


a list of your kids' go to lunch box foods will make it easier on those weeks where you just don't know what to put in those lunch boxes.

Invest in Good Containers


I am a huge fan of 3 cup Rubbermaid Brilliance containers. I also use silicone muffin "wrappers" to create dividers, too!



Just like I do for the adults, I wash, chip and prep the components for kid lunches on Sunday too.

Organize your Fridge


You don't need a Pinterest or Instagram worthy fridge, but having bins with your prepped components will change your life.

Kids Assemble


If you have a good system set up - kids have their own containers, cut up components ready and in bins where everyone knows where they are, kids are now easily enabled to assemble their own lunches!

Leftovers for Lunch


If I know the dinner recipe is a kid fav, I will make a double recipe so that there are left overs for at least one day so I am cooking once, but prepping for dinner and the next day lunches.

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