Back to school season is busy and a bit rough on everyone. Let's set up your freezer organization with a few tips and hacks to work for you this season and take a bit of stress off the busy month!


Check out your grocery store's frozen section and even the aisles to see what kind of kits they have.


The bags shown here are stasher silicone stand up bags (small) ,the large size, and the mega size.


I use a ton of minced garlic and I don't like the pre minced jar stuff. It is not the same at all!


Prep ahead lunches doesn't have to mean making one recipe and eating it every day for 4 days!


If you have the opportunity and up front funds to purchase your most used meat proteins in bulk, it is far more cost effective over the long term.

Are you ready to use your freezer to work for you and not only survive back to school season, but thrive and be the most organized you have ever ben!

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