Ultimate Healthy Camping Meal Planning & Prep Guide




Get ready to get organized and inspired for camping meal planning and prep!

This 25 page ebook has everything you need to STOP over packing. STOP forgetting things like mustard. STOP prepping, chopping and doing dishes while camping. 

Our Ultimate Camping Meal Planning & Prep Guide has:

  • How to meal plan for camping
  • Meal prep tips for camping
  • Our insanely popular camping meal planner template
  • 14 breakfasts - including some you can make at home, freeze, and just reheat at site. 
  • 10 kid friendly snacks that adults will want too!
  • 16 lunch ideas - a combo of non boring prep ahead salads and a collection of no cook recipes.
  • 13 foil packet recipes
  • and 12 skewer/kabab recipes!

What is an ebook?

Once purchased, you will be be able to download (and print if you wish), your copy of the ebook immediately! 

NOTE: Price is Canadian dollars. If you are American your credit card will be charged in USD (which is approx 30% less than the price shown here)



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